Ottomans - Istanbul

Civilization bonus: Town Centers cannot train Settlers but produce Yörüks over time, villagers which do not cost resources. Artillery has extra line of sight and style. Has access to the most unique units compared to European civilizations. Royal guard units: Deli (Rumeliot) and Humbaraci (Ulufeli) Unique units: Yörük, Azap, Janissary, Imam, Bashibozuk, Muhbir, Sipahi, Abus Gunner, Humbaraci, Great Bombard and Galley Unique buildings: Has a Mosque to train healers, base and unit improvements. The Ottoman Empire, situated in a prime position between Europe and Asia, was the location of great technological and militarist improvements. They had heavy influence on Eastern Europe and possessed the main trade route to Asia until the path around Africa was discovered.

Starting resources and units

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