Indians - Delhi

+9% XP required for shipments

Civilization bonus: Most shipments will give you additional villagers. Villagers cost wood instead of food, cannot gather food from livestock. Unique units: Brahmin, Flail Elephant, Gurkha, Howdah, Mahout Lancer, Rajput, Siege Elephant, Sepoy, Sowar and Zamburak. Unique buildings: Sacred Field generates more exp when tasked with livestock and also trains cows. Mango Grove is a resource for wood. Caravanserai fulfils a similar role to stables. Wonders: Agra Fort, Charminar Gate, Karni Mata, Taj Mahal, Tower of Victory The Mughal Empire was an early-modern empire in South Asia. It was known as one of the largest empires in the history of South Asia.

Starting resources and units

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