Ethiopians - Gondar

Civilization bonus: Gets a free Mountain Monastery Builder with each Age-Up that can be built on top of Mines to gather Influence and Coin. Age-Up Alliances: (each grant extra bonuses) • Two new technologies at the Mountain Monastary • Units/Builders at the Palace or Town Center Unique Resource: Influence is a powerful resource spent primarily at the Palace on Native Warriors and Mercenaries. All unlocked features cost Influence. Generate it with Mountain Monasteries, Trading Posts and by controlling large herds of Livestock. Unique units: Sebastopol Mortar, Abun, Gascenya, Shotel Warrior, Neftenya and Oromo Warrior Placed on the “Roof of Africa” Ethiopia was able to assert its influence over the surrounding lowlands, thriving in the safety of its mountains. A high ground badly needed against hostile attempts to take the empire down. Ethiopia and its King of kings defied not just its African neighbors but also European colonization attempts rendering it as one of the few African regions that eluded the talons of European imperial colonialism.

Starting resources and units

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