Chinese - Beijing

Civilization bonus: Can reach population of 220. Trains banner armies in War Academy. Unique units: Arquebusier, Changdao Swordsmen, Chu Ko Nu, Disciple, Fire Junk, Flamethrower, Flying Crow, Fuchuan, Hand Mortar, Iron Flail, Keshik, Meteor Hammer, Qiang Pikemen, Shaolin Master, Steppe Rider and War Junk. Unique buildings: War Academy is a combination of barracks and stables. Village supports 20 population and also fattens livestock. Wonders: Confucian Academy, Porcelain Tower, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and White Pagoda The Qing dynasty was known to be the 5th largest empire of world history. The Chinese had organized “banners”, military social units that included Manchu, Han and Mongol units.

Starting resources and units

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